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  • Avoiding the Peak: Regenerative Strategies for Stabilizing Tipping Elements

    Nori’s Carbon Removal Methodology R&D Lead, Rick Berg, writes about climate tipping elements, how they relate to “tipping points”, and the role that regenerative agriculture plays in mitigating climate change.


  • Co-Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture: Beyond Carbon Sequestration

    While carbon sequestration is a well-known advantage of regenerative agriculture — with the potential to help keep global heating within the 1.5-degree Celsius target — there are a multitude of other positive outcomes that make regen ag a critical climate investment today. In this blog post, read about how regen ag practices can help us restore soils, support biodiversity, improve air and water quality, and more.


  • The Carbon Removal Blended Tonne Whitepaper

    Our Blended Carbon Removal Tonne concept combines immediate and long-term carbon storage for maximum climate impact — making a verifiable impact today that also lasts 1,000+ years. The key is in pairing ‘fast-cycle’ and ‘slow-cycle’ carbon removals with overlapping timelines. Learn more in this whitepaper from our Supply Team.


  • Customize a Carbon Removal Integration to Suit Your Business

    Nori’s carbon removal integrations make it simple to bake positive climate impact into your brand, your way. You can control who pays for the carbon removal credit, who owns it, what triggers the purchase, and more. This guide shows you how to customize our integrations to suit your business needs and climate goals.


  • Nori launches new integration that expands Web3 access to carbon removal

    In March 2023, we announced the launch of a public Web3 platform that makes carbon removal purchases by companies and their customers simple and nearly instantaneous. With this launch, our carbon removal marketplace migrated to Polygon and began accepting USDC. The launch supports anyone who buys NRTs and the regenerative farmers who supply these NRTs with full transparency for verified carbon removal transactions.


  • Nori’s (Updated) Stance on Soil Sampling

    This blog post from our Supply Team explains the common means of direct soil measurement and the challenges in this approach, why Nori currently uses biogeochemical modeling to achieve scientifically sound estimates that enable flexibility to scale, and what we believe needs to be improved upon to allow direct measurement to be successfully incorporated into voluntary carbon markets.


  • Bayer Partners with Nori to Bring Hundreds of Thousands of Carbon Removals to Market

    In October 2022, we announced our supply partnership with Bayer, one of the world’s largest agricultural companies. Collaborating with Bayer’s ForGround platform will bring hundreds of thousands of verified carbon removal offsets to our marketplace, helping scale the carbon removal industry and catalyze greater adoption of regenerative agriculture practices.


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