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Help reverse climate change year-round with a Nori Regenerative Tonne subscription.

Remove Excess CO2 From the Atmosphere

To achieve a livable climate future and ultimately reverse climate change, we need to remove 1.5 trillion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Carbon removal is the only way to do this — and your subscription helps make it happen.

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Support Regenerative Farmers

When you purchase Nori Regenerative Tonnes, you're funding regenerative farmers who sequester and store carbon dioxide in their soil using climate-smart practices. Each Regenerative Tonne represents approximately one tonne of CO2 removed and stored for at least 10 years, with re-verification every three years.

Subscribe Today for a Climate-Positive Future

Each Regenerative Tonne represents approximately 1 tonne of CO2 removed and stored for 10+ years.

10 Tonnes/month

Automatically pay for 10 tonnes of CO2 removed from the atmosphere each month.

1-1000 Tonnes/month

Make a big impact by purchasing anywhere from 1 to 1,000 carbon removals each month.


Craft a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription to match your needs.

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Track and Showcase Your Climate Impact

Each carbon removal purchase comes with a Nori Carbon Removal Certificate showcasing how much carbon removal you funded, and where and when the carbon was removed. Refer to your certificates to easily track your impact and share it with your friends, and customers, and in sustainability reports.

CO2 Removals You Can Count On

All carbon removals are third-party verified and transparently tracked on the blockchain. Immediate retirement is enforced by code, so our carbon removals can’t be resold.

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Meet the People Removing Carbon From the Atmosphere

When you purchase from Nori, you can trace your carbon removal back to the source. Nori works directly with people and companies that remove carbon from the atmosphere, known as “suppliers.” Our suppliers provide us with detailed project data which then gets approved by a third-party verifier before getting listed as official carbon removals in our marketplace.

Our first methodology is regenerative agriculture, meaning, the carbon removals you buy are sourced from regenerative farmers sequestering carbon in their soils. Regenerative agriculture is cost-effective, restores depleted cropland soils, and has the potential to sequester billions of tons of carbon every year.

This is just the beginning. Our Supply Team is actively researching and developing other carbon removal methodologies, which we’ll add to our marketplace soon!

Third-Party Quantification, for Verified Carbon Removal

Nori uses the carbon quantification tool, Soil Metrics, to estimate the amount of carbon being stored in our Suppliers' soil. We then use this data to model a carbon baseline, estimate the number of Regenerative Tonnes to generate, and guarantee suppliers are paid fairly.

By licensing a carbon quantification tool like Soil Metrics, Nori avoids a conflict of interest when it comes to producing and assessing carbon storage data.

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We Pride Ourselves on Transparency and High Quality Carbon Removals

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