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Bring verified carbon removal to your customers by integrating Nori’s marketplace into your website or app.

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Carbon removals you can count on

All carbon removals are third-party verified and tracked on-chain. Immediate retirement is enforced by code, so our carbon removals can’t be resold.

Let users buy carbon removals directly on your website

With our carbon removal API, you can enable users to buy carbon removal offsets directly on your website or app. It’s a frictionless, friendly user experience that meets your customers where they’re at — and empowers them to make a positive climate impact.

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Automate carbon removal or build it into your checkout flow

Incentivize user engagement or keep up with carbon removals in real-time by automating your carbon removal purchases or building carbon removal into your product’s checkout flow. With Nori’s integration, you can trigger your carbon removal purchases based on transactions or any action within your product.

Customize your integration to meet your business needs

Tailor our carbon removal integration to serve your company’s needs, budget, and climate goals. You decide who pays for the carbon removals (e.g. company or customer), what triggers the purchase, who the carbon removal belongs to, and more.

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Get priority access to carbon removal supply

When you integrate Nori into your website or app, you and your users will get priority access to our carbon removal supply. (Carbon removal offsets are in limited supply on a global scale and Nori actively works to bring new supply to market. Learn more here.)

Track and showcase impact with an account page

When you integrate Nori into your brand, you’ll have the option of getting a unique account page on Nori’s website to track and showcase your community’s carbon removals.

Join climate-conscious companies removing carbon with Nori

Carbon removal is the only way to address excess CO2 in the atmosphere

Only 5% of voluntary offsets represent carbon removals, which remove excess carbon dioxide that’s already in the atmosphere from past emissions. The remaining 95% are either reduction or avoidance offsets, which limit future emissions.

To achieve a livable climate future and ultimately reverse climate change, we need to remove 1.5 trillion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Carbon removals are the only way to do this. Every time you purchase a Nori Regenerative Tonne, you support the real-world carbon removers making an impact — and inspire more people to take action.

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Know what you’re buying, and where it came from

Some markets make it difficult to know exactly when and where carbon was removed, how long it will be stored for, and how much it should cost. With Nori, you get full transparency at each step of the process. Each Nori Regenerative Tonne represents approximately 1 tonne of CO2 removed and stored for a minimum of 10 years via regenerative agriculture practices.

Your carbon removal certificate provides unique, detailed documentation of your climate impact. It traces your purchase back to the project and verifier for the specific CO2 removal you’ve funded – and it’s all tracked publicly on the blockchain.

Meet the people removing carbon from the atmosphere

When you purchase from Nori, you can trace your carbon removal back to the source. We work directly with people and companies that remove carbon from the atmosphere, known as “suppliers.” They provide us with detailed project data, which gets approved by a third-party verifier, then gets listed as carbon credits in our marketplace.

Our first carbon removal methodology is regenerative agriculture, with our Regenerative Tonnes sourced from farmers sequestering carbon in their soils. Regenerative agriculture is cost-effective, restores depleted cropland soils, and has the potential to sequester more than one billion tonnes of carbon every year.

This is just the beginning. Our Supply Team is actively researching and developing other carbon removal methodologies, which we’ll add to our marketplace soon!

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