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Join a community of people passionate about reversing climate change. Our Discord community features much more info on Nori, the NORI token, and is the best place to meet the Nori team, network, and ask any questions.

Not All Offsets Are Created Equal

Our Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes (NRTs) represent CO2 verifiably removed from the atmosphere and stored. We don’t sell reductions or avoidance offsets.


Market Driven Pricing

Currently, carbon removal prices are set by farmers. Soon, the price will be dynamically set by the market using the NORI Token (launching 2023).

100% of each tonne you pay for goes directly to supporting our suppliers, while we collect an additional 25% transaction fee to keep the marketplace running.

Like a gift card, one NORI will always be redeemable for one tonne of carbon removal.

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See and Track the Carbon Removal You Pay For

Verify it’s real (don’t just trust us). See who you paid and keep track of the project’s practices over its lifetime straight from your certificate. See Rarible's certificate

Credible, Third Party Verified and Quantified Carbon Removals

Our partners help quantify the amount of carbon removed from each project, and independent verifiers then audit the projects to ensure practice changes and land authority.

No Double-Counting, Ever

We require buyers to state where they bought NRTs from, which allows us to transparently report where Nori’s carbon removals are supplied and purchased.

Our Marketplace is Built with Web3 In Mind

NFT Marketplaces

Partners like Rarible reduce their carbon footprint by empowering NFT creators and collectors to remove carbon.

Blockchain Transparency

We bring transparency to carbon-markets with blockchain by publicy recording when carbon removal is bought and retired.

Monthly Subscriptions

The Sandbox’s monthly carbon removal subscription reverses their carbon emissions from in-game NFTs.

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The average American emits 16 tonnes of carbon per year

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