Carbon Removal for a Climate-Positive Future

Drive verifiable impact today with transparently-tracked carbon removals.

Maximum Transparency for Maximum Impact

✅ Certificates show where and when carbon was removed
✅ Third-party verification and quantification for each credit
✅ Peer-reviewed methodology with 10+ yrs of CO2 storage ✅ Carbon removal projects re-verify data every 3 years
✅ All transactions tracked on the blockchain
✅ Immediate retirement prevents duplicate sales

Remove Carbon, Regenerate the Earth

Buy Carbon Removals

Remove carbon, support regenerative agriculture, and create an impact you can count on. All Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes (NRTs) are third-party verified and quantified — and come with a certificate that transparently tracks your specific carbon removal project.

Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes

One Nori Carbon Removal Tonne represents approximately 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide stored for 10+ years.

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Carbon Removal Only

While reducing emissions is important, only carbon removal can drive climate change in reverse. Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes (NRTs) represent CO2 removed from the atmosphere and stored for 10+ years. We don’t sell reduction or avoidance offsets.


Make Your Business Part of The Solution

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Remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Track and showcase the details.

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Automate your carbon removal purchases with a subscription.

Integrate Carbon Removal

Build climate impact into your brand with our API or Smart Contract.

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Easy to Track and Showcase

Your one-of-a-kind carbon removal certificate describes when and where carbon was sequestered and is updated over the lifetime of the project — so you know where your money is going and can easily share your impact. See Seattle Chocolate's certificate.

Third-Party Verified and Quantified

Third-party partners quantify the amount of carbon removed from each project, then independent verifiers audit the projects to ensure practice changes, data accuracy, and land authority.

No Secondary Sales

Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes are immediately retired once purchased, meaning they can’t be resold or traded. This helps drive more money towards carbon removal projects. Learn more.

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Strengthened by Blockchain

Our marketplace is built on Polygon, an energy-efficient blockchain that enables us to offer:

Next-Level Transparency

We bring transparency to carbon markets by publicly and immutably recording all transactions. Our carbon removals are originated, tracked, and retired on-chain.

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A Better Deal for Suppliers

Thanks to our blockchain infrastructure, carbon removal suppliers have true ownership of their credits until they sell, and get faster, safer payouts when they do.

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Web3 Integrations

Companies and devs building on Polygon can integrate carbon removal into their dApps in infinite ways — amplifying climate impact with their users and customers.

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Join leading companies driving impact through carbon removal.

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Regenerative Growers

Looking to get paid for your regenerative practices? Learn about the benefits to selling soil carbon on Nori's marketplace.

Other CDR Companies

Our Supply Team plans to bring other CDR methodologies to our marketplace. We’d love to hear from you.

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