The transparent, credible, and easy to use
carbon removal marketplace

Nori is a transparent and secure platform to make it as simple as possible to pay to remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere


Farmers, arborists, landowners, direct air capture

Nori Marketplace

Removes the middlemen in the transaction process; ensures easy carbon accounting; facilitates an easy payment process for the removal of excess carbon dioxide.


Corporations, small businesses, nonprofits, governments, utilities, individuals

Getting Started


Buyers of carbon removal credits can negate their CO2 emissions

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Suppliers can earn NORI tokens for selling verified carbon removal credits

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Verifiers can get paid to measure and verify that suppliers removed CO2


#16: Dr. Julio Friedmann, CEO of Carbon Wrangler

Dr. Friedmann joins Ross and Christophe to define his role as a carbon wrangler and why it’s important, walking us through the current climate math and sharing his insight on reframing carbon in the atmosphere as a resource to be mined. They discuss the best approach to inspiring progress around climate change, the fundamentals of carbon capture and storage, and the differences among offsets, onsets and insets.


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