Drive positive climate impact with verified carbon removals.

Meet your business’ climate goals with carbon removal solutions that regenerate the Earth, compensate for emissions, and integrate directly into your products.

Make your business part of the solution

Regenerate the earth

Drive immediate impact with Nori Regenerative Tonnes™ — carbon removal credits that support regenerative agriculture projects, soil restoration, and carbon sequestration on US farmland.

Compensate for emissions

Credibly compensate for emissions with Nori Net Zero Tonnes™ — credits that pair regenerative and permanent carbon removal for an impact that’s both immediate and lasting.

Integrate carbon removal

Build climate action into your customer experience with Nori’s fully customizable carbon removal integrations. Engage your community in driving climate impact that multiplies with every transaction.

Subscribe for ongoing impact

Set up a carbon removal subscription to drive ongoing impact on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Adapt your purchase preferences to meet your company’s evolving needs.

Not sure which option is best for you?

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Carbon Removal Only

While reducing emissions is essential, only carbon removal can drive climate change in reverse. Nori Regenerative Tonnes and Net Zero Tonnes remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere. We don’t sell reduction or avoidance offsets.

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Navigate solutions with guidance from our team

The carbon removal landscape is complex and constantly evolving. Our team is here to help you navigate which options fit your company’s climate goals and budget, with the latest carbon science and industry trends in mind.

Transparently track your supported projects

When you purchase carbon removals in Nori’s marketplace, you receive one-of-a-kind certificates showcasing project details, like how, when, and where carbon was sequestered. The certificate includes verification reports and gets updates over the project's lifetime.

Confidently share your impact

Nori is specific and transparent about the impact of different carbon removal credits. We also offer guidance on making responsible claims — so your team can share your impact accurately, without fear of greenwashing.

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“One thing I love about Nori is preserving biodiversity and getting back to what farmers used to be — an integrated community between biome, farmers, plants, a whole microcosm of what should be going on across the planet."

-Justin Joyner, Sustainability Lead at Freshpet

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"With Nori, Klutch cardholders can help the planet with every transaction. Each swipe funds projects that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere — and people can actually see and track the projects they’re supporting."

-Renato Steinberg, Founder & CEO, Klutch

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"OpenAir Collective is proud to purchase Nori Net Zero Tonnes, a carbon removal product that pairs regenerative carbon removal available now, with permanent carbon removal to be delivered in the future, to create immediate and enduring positive climate impact."

-Christopher Neidl, Co-founder at OpenAir

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Every tonne counts

Collectively, we need to remove between 5 and 10 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year to reach global climate mitigation targets. We need all hands on deck to make it happen, and every tonne counts. Nori’s carbon removals are ungated and accessible for companies of any size, whether you’re removing 1 tonne or 100,000.

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