The transparent, credible, and easy to use
carbon removal marketplace

Nori's transparent and secure platform makes it easy for individuals and businesses to pay to remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere


farmers, arborists, landowners, direct air capture

Nori Marketplace

removes the middlemen in the transaction process, directly connecting buyers and suppliers; ensures easy carbon accounting; facilitates an easy payment process


corporations, small businesses, nonprofits, governments, utilities, individuals

Getting Started


Buyers of carbon removal certificates can negate their CO2 emissions

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Suppliers can earn NORI tokens for selling verified carbon removal certificates

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Verifiers can get paid to measure and confirm that suppliers removed CO2


#20: David Hodgson, Addressing barriers to large-scale ecological restoration

Initiatives designed to reverse climate change generally lack funding. Yet there are investors with large pools of money who are increasingly interested in the space. How do we bridge that gap and promote impact investing? How do we support regenerative agriculture projects that will restore the soil and reduce the amount of carbon in our atmosphere?


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