Nori Marketplace Standards For Carbon Removal Credits

Nori’s Marketplace Standards detail the quality requirements we uphold for all carbon removal credits in our marketplace. These standards are designed to ensure that Nori's methodologies and the carbon removal credits it issues from them lead the industry in integrity and reliability. More specific project-level standards will be detailed in individual methodologies. As the Carbon Dioxide Removal industry continues to grow and evolve, we anticipate that these standards will develop accordingly.

nori marketplace standards are designed to ensure transparency and social responsibility, conflict-of-interest protections, and credit integrity

Transparency and Social Responsibility

Open methodology development

Methodologies are developed openly with expert review, public access to expert review meeting minutes, and a public comment and review period. Stakeholder comments and Nori responses are available to the public.

Open registry

Nori will publish supplier details (subject to privacy requirements of suppliers) and an anonymized registry of buyers that details volume of carbon removal credits and geographical location. This registry is designed to prevent double accounting of credits. We strive for a standard of transparency with accessibility, where not only is information public, but it is also presented in a way that is easy for a layperson to navigate and understand.

Stakeholder engagement

Nori will work with suppliers who have engaged in stakeholder engagement and continue to ensure that best practices are followed. Nori acknowledges that interacting with local communities on issues of public space, potential risks, and justice concerns is an area of development and will evolve over the upcoming years.

Transparent governance

Nori requires that program documents relevant to decision-making are publicly available, subject to compelling confidentiality constraints, including data protection and privacy. Program documents include standards, methodologies, procedures, tools, guidelines, supplementary information, and project documentation.

Continuous dialogue

Nori will have continuous dialogue with the Carbon Dioxide Removal industry through its industry podcasts, and engagement with project developers, policy organizations, researchers, and potential buyers.

Conflict-of-Interest Protections

Independent quantification

All carbon removal credits will be subject to independent third-party review of quantification methods. The quantification logic and review will be published in the methodology.

Independent verification

All carbon removal credits in the Nori marketplace will be verified by an independent third-party verifier with no interest in the amount of credits issued for any given project.

Credit Integrity

Reversal mitigation guarantee

Nori acknowledges that the risk of removed carbon being released (“reversal”) under certain methodologies is an area of active debate, as well as the most effective mechanism to mitigate a reversal risk. Each methodology will have a process for mitigating a reversal and Nori will continue to evolve its approach as the industry develops.

Creation before delivery

All carbon removal credits will be created before being delivered to a buyer. For emission claims, a buyer must purchase a product that is net-zero compliant.