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The average American emits 16 tonnes of CO2/year. 1 NRT (Nori Carbon Removal Tonne) represents one tonne of CO2e removed and stored for a minimum of ten years.

$NaN per NRT + fees



A round-trip flight or cruise can emit

1 tonne of carbon.


Each month the average American emits 1.33 tonnes of carbon.


Each year the average American emits
16 tonnes of carbon.

These carbon footprint estimates are from third-party sources. We recommend calculating your own carbon footprint to determine exactly how much CO2 you and/or your business are responsible for emitting.

Set It and Forget It. Carbon Removal Subscriptions for Your Business

Whether you want to reach your climate goal over 12 months, every quarter, or once a year - you can customize a subscription to fit your business.

Subscriptions are fulfilled the first week of each month, and you can cancel or modify them anytime.

Each Purchase Helps Our Suppliers Invest in Their Carbon Removal Practices

100% of each NRT (Nori carbon removal tonne) paid for goes directly to our suppliers. Nori collects an additional 25% transaction fee to keep the marketplace running.

Trey Hill

Harborview Farms
Maryland, USA | 14,010.6 NRTs

View Trey's Profile

Kelly Garrett

Garrett Land and Cattle
Iowa, USA | 22,745 NRTs

View Kelly's Profile

Bruce Johnson

Double J Farms
Iowa, USA | 5,024 NRTs

View Bruce's Profile

Kyle Mehman

MBS Family Farms
Iowa, USA | 2,542.9 NRTs

John Nergenah

John Nergenah
Illinois, USA | 1,255.6 NRTs

View John's Profile

Adam and Levi Ullrich

Ullrich Family Farm
Iowa, USA | 14,584.2 NRTs

View The Ulrich's Profile

We Make It Easy To Reach Your Business Climate Goals

📝 Create a custom monthly, quarterly or yearly NRT subscription to fit your business’ timeline. Learn more

🔮 Calculate your business’ carbon footprint with our partner Greenfeet. They’ll help you set your business’ climate goal, and we’ll help you meet it.

🌳 Make a one-time large purchase over 10,000 NRTs. We’d be happy to help, book a meeting with us!

We Pride Ourselves on Transparency and High Quality Carbon Removals

  • How NRTs Are Generated

    One NRT represents one tonne of removed CO2e stored for a minimum of ten years. Learn the general process for creating these NRTs and our various partners involved throughout.

  • High Quality Carbon Credits with Process Based Modeling

    We chose process-based modeling to calculate our NRTs because it’s grounded in real data, calibrated and validated by soil samples, and accessible.

  • Practices, Persistence and Permanence

    Carbon markets are becoming increasingly popular. Nori does its best to balance the concerns of both the buyers and farmers within its marketplace.

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