The Lightning pre-sale is over

Together, 342 organizations and individuals paid for 5,340 tonnes of carbon removals, and helped Trey earn over $80,000 for his regenerative practices.


Here's what comes next.

Nori is hard at work fulfilling all of the orders from the pre-sale, which will be completed in the coming weeks. Soon, the Nori marketplace will be available for anyone to pay for carbon removals on-demand. Until then, we've got some suprises in store.

Nori is building a marketplace for carbon removal.

Nori makes it easy for farmers to get paid for storing carbon in soil.

When you buy carbon removals in the Nori Marketplace, you are not only negating your carbon footprint, you are helping start an entire market for carbon removal! Here's how it works...



Farmers remove carbon.

By using sustainable farming practices, farmers remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it in their soil.



Verifiers quantify removals.

Carbon removals are quantified and verified by an independent third party before being listed in the marketplace.



You pay for removals.

You pay the farmer for ownership of their carbon removals, and receive a certificate from Nori to prove it.

Storing carbon in soil is low cost, high impact carbon removal.

Decades of industrial agriculture have depleted our soil of essential nutrients and carbon. When farmers adopt regenerative practices, they are returning carbon to their soils and keeping it there. These practices also improve the soil health, lower the use of chemical fertilizers, reduces pollution, and makes the fields more drought resistant.

What people are saying.

Don't just take our word for it. See what people have to say about removing carbon with Nori.

As a parent of a young family, I am increasingly aware of the potential damage caused to our global environment by my actions as a consumer, and that I have a responsibility to help reverse that damage for future generations.

David R. — 1.67 tonnes of carbon removals


What is a carbon removal?

A carbon removal represents one tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) that has been removed from the atmosphere for a minimum of 10 years. Farmers like Trey can register their carbon removals on the Nori marketplace, where they can sell directly to individuals and organizations seeking to pay for ownership of the carbon removed from the atmosphere. This way, anyone can participate in reversing climate change.

Along with the legendary status of being a carbon removal hero, you’ll receive a digital certificate of ownership for the carbon removals you paid for. This certificate will show the amount of carbon removals, the farmer and fields where the carbon was stored, and any additional information provided by the farm. All these records are registered permanently on a blockchain database, so you will always have proof of your purchase.

100% of each tonne you pay for goes directly to supporting Trey at Harborview Farms, while Nori collects a 10% transaction fee to help keep the marketplace running. This not only rewards Trey for his sustainable farming practices, but provides further incentives for him and other sustainable farmers to provide even more carbon removals in the future.

Nori works with independent, third party verifiers with experience and accreditation working on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reduction projects. Farmers are paired with a verifier to review their carbon removal data and supply any additional evidence required, and the verifier submits a report of their findings to Nori. When sold, every certificate of carbon removal will be attached with a copy of this report.

Nori partners with COMET-Farm, a team funded by the USDA and Colorado State University, in order to model how much carbon was removed by comparing their sustainable practices to their previous farming methods. This Greenhouse Gas accounting tool runs thousands of scenarios to determine within a reasonable level of confidence how much carbon a farmer has stored in their soils, and is one of the simplest and most accurate methods for counting carbon removals available today.

While Nori works with the farmer to finish registering their carbon removals, the Lightning pre-sale is your opportunity to place a pre-order ahead of time. When you pre-order your carbon removals, your spot in line is reserved until the pre-sale ends, at which point your card will be charged and you’ll receive your certificate of carbon removals right away.