Evolving Nori's Visual Identity

over the last few months,

our team has been working to transform our visual brand to represent the evolution of our business and our vision for the future.

Today, we’re excited to introduce our new look— one that balances the rigor of our work with the optimism that drives it.

Our new logo is perhaps most obviously an ‘N’ for Nori. Within it, you’ll find a down arrow symbolizing carbon removal, the drawing down of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. And at the center of it all, a leaf — a nod to Nori’s origins, starting with regenerative agriculture.

Beyond the new logo, we’ve also refreshed our color palette, typefaces, and visual language, featuring photos of the planet we’re working to protect and illustrations geared at making complex ideas more accessible. 

We’re on a mission to scale the carbon removal industry with the ultimate goal of reversing climate change. Our fully-integrated approach to creating, managing and selling verified carbon removals seeks to simplify a complicated market while increasing transparency, trust, efficiency, and impact. 

The challenge of climate change looms larger and more urgent than ever but science-backed solutions are ready to scale. Nori is here to make it easy for you to participate with confidence and we are optimistic about what we can achieve together. Our new visual identity will accompany us through this next stage of growth and collaboration, reinforcing the essence of Nori at every touchpoint.