Introducing A New Name for Nori’s Regenerative Carbon Removal Credits

Since launch, our marketplace has been a

trusted source for carbon removal credits stemming from carbon sequestered in soil via regenerative agriculture. We started with regenerative agriculture because in 2019 it was already available, scalable, and driving impact. The carbon removal industry has advanced since then, with a range of solutions like direct air capture and enhanced rock weathering in various stages of deployment around the world, while other new solutions continue to be developed and evaluated.

As we prepare to introduce new types of carbon removal to our marketplace, we are renaming our flagship “Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes (NRTs)” to better reflect and celebrate their unique contributions. Given our exclusive focus on carbon removals, its original name could potentially represent any of the credits we plan to offer in the future. However, carbon removal methodologies vary, with different carbon storage periods, co-benefits, and more. We need names that emphasize these distinctions and make it easier for buyers to navigate their options.

In light of this, we're transitioning from Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes to Nori Regenerative Tonnes™. Rest assured, it's the same carbon removal credit, with the same impact — just a refreshed name.

What is the Nori Regenerative Tonne™?

The Nori Regenerative Tonne is a soil carbon removal credit. Each one represents approximately one tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere and stored in the ground for 10+ years, via regenerative agriculture in the United States.

(Regenerative agriculture refers to the system of farming principles and practices like cover cropping and no-till or low-till farming that aim to improve soil health, biodiversity, and other environmental factors. Compared to conventional farming practices, regenerative practices can transform land from a carbon source, which emits more than it stores, to a carbon sink, which sequesters excess carbon from the atmosphere.)

Regenerative Tonnes are generated in accordance with Nori’s Croplands Methodology and suppliers commit to a ten-year carbon storage contract, with re-verification every three years. The carbon removal credits are immediately retired upon purchase so they can’t be resold. Buyers receive certificates that showcase project details and are transparently tracked on a public ledger.

Why regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture stands out as one of the few currently available carbon sequestration methodologies with the potential to remove multiple gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere each year.

Beyond carbon sequestration, it also offers a range of climate-positive co-benefits;

  • Enhanced soil health, fertility, and nutrient use efficiency
  • Improved soil structure, erosion resistance, and soil water dynamics.
  • Improved air and water quality
  • Support for soil biodiversity
  • Enhanced ecosystem biodiversity and conservation
  • Nutrient-dense food production

Given the urgent nature of our climate crisis, regenerative agriculture becomes even more attractive. Scientists predict that we’ll need to remove 10 gigatons of carbon globally per year by 2050 to keep up with climate targets. Long-term carbon storage is essential but most permanent carbon removal credits sold today won’t be delivered for several years, as the carbon removal technology is still in development or early in deployment.

By sequestering excess atmospheric carbon today, regenerative agriculture is poised to help us avoid environmental tipping points related to climate change and buy us more time to develop more permanent carbon removal solutions (IPCC).

Expanding Nori’s marketplace amidst an evolving CDR ecosystem

In 2019, supplier Trey Hill listed the first Regenerative Tonnes in our marketplace. Since then, we’ve sold over 128,000 tonnes of carbon removal, getting suppliers like Trey paid over $2M for climate-forward practices across more than 204,800 acres of regenerative farmland. We continue to champion regenerative agriculture and look forward to significantly scaling our supply of Regenerative Tonnes in the coming months through our collaboration with Bayer.

Building on this momentum and adapting to the evolving carbon removal landscape, we are also working to diversify our offerings. Our team is currently preparing to introduce a new type of credit to our marketplace — one that pairs regenerative and permanent carbon removal to drive immediate and lasting impact. Based on our Blended Tonne Whitepaper, this soon-to-launch credit will sequester carbon today while meeting the permanency requirements of Net Zero.

We look forward to the expansion of Nori’s marketplace and the ongoing progress of the carbon removal industry. Together, as part of this dynamic ecosystem, we’ll continue to develop practical and scalable solutions that can pave the way for a livable, thriving, climate-positive future.