Customize a Carbon Removal Integration to Suit Your Business

Consumers are getting more serious about

living more climate-conscious lifestyles. And they want the businesses they love to help them.

Nori’s carbon removal integrations make it simple to bake positive climate impact into your brand, your way. You can control who pays for the carbon removal credit, who owns it, what triggers the purchase, and more.

This guide will show you how to customize our integrations to suit your business needs and climate goals. We’ll walk you through it in three sections:

  1. Visualizing the value of Nori’s integrations
  2. Understanding the difference between Nori's integrations
  3. Creating customized, climate-positive experiences for your brand

From there, we’ll close with simple next steps to get started today.

1. Visualizing the value of Nori’s integrations

Nori’s marketplace makes it possible for anyone to purchase carbon removal credits. We work with projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to address one of the main drivers of climate change. Our integrations make it easy for builders and businesses to integrate carbon removal purchases into their applications and customer-facing experiences. There are two main types:

A REST API: Useful for almost any company or application with a website or mobile application

A Web3 integration: A smart contract for products or dApps built on Polygon’s blockchain

Before we go deeper on the integrations and how to use them, let’s explore potential use cases.

🛒 Checkout (and cut carbon)

You have a climate-conscious clothing brand. To level up customers’ experience you can use Nori’s API to offer an option to pair their clothing purchase with a carbon removal purchase. The carbon purchase doesn’t have to be optional either; it could be automatically baked into the checkout process.

As presented above, this integration involves a purchase-based trigger. The carbon purchase could be paid for entirely by your brand, by the customer, or by a combination of your brand and customer. We’ll explore triggers and payment options in more detail in the third section of this post.

Coffee x carbon

Another successful integration with Nori could involve a Brand Loyalty Program that builds in carbon purchases for devoted customers/users. Devotees of a coffee brand might decide they’d like to add positive climate impact to their coffee ritual. By integrating Nori’s API, the coffee brand can facilitate a carbon purchase every time a user has purchased five coffees via the coffee brand’s app.

This is an achievement-based trigger that could be paid for entirely by the brand or by debiting loyalty reward points from the customer’s account.

🌱 Climate-conscious crypto

For decentralized applications built on blockchain, builders can tie carbon removal to on-chain activities. For instance, an on-chain marketplace for NFTs could use Nori’s Web3 integration to automatically purchase carbon removals every time a customer completes an on-chain transaction.

This is another case of using a transaction-based trigger. Again, it could be paid for entirely by the application owner, or by the customers as part of transaction fees. (P.S., on-chain NFT marketplace Rarible already works with Nori.)

2. Understanding and explaining Nori’s integrations


We built the API for prospective partners who use traditional web infrastructure and want to integrate carbon removal into their websites or apps.

The API is a REST API that allows partners to prepay for carbon offsets for their customers in bulk. Over time, as customers engage with the behaviors or actions associated with removing carbon, they’ll draw from the bulk balance. Partners can top up their balance periodically as it gets low rather than initiating a separate interaction with Nori’s marketplace in each instance.

To learn more about the API, go deeper here.

The Web3 integration

For Web3 partners, we offer a smart contract integration built on the Polygon blockchain. Partners can integrate carbon removal into any blockchain-based application via this “market” contract, which facilitates the purchase of Nori’s carbon removal credits. All payments can be made with USDC directly on-chain.

To learn more about the Web3 integration, go deeper here.

3. Creating customized, climate-positive experiences for your brand

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Here are the key ‘ingredients’ to consider when crafting an integration with Nori. You’ll note that the examples we’ve covered called out some of these ingredients already.

1. What are the integration types?

Two options on this front are outlined directly above this section: Nori’s API or the Web3 integration.

2. What triggers a carbon removal purchase?

The trigger for a carbon removal purchase in your application is flexible. You may decide to retire carbon removal credits for a customer based on a transaction or purchase. You may choose to trigger it when users of an application or game reach a certain level or unlock a new achievement. You may offer it based on time spent or continued engagement with a service. This is up to you!

3. How much carbon is removed?

Again, this is up to you! You can peg the amount of carbon removal to a dollar value or determine how much carbon removal to reward users with based on the % of a transaction. You could align carbon removal purchase amounts with the achievements of different levels in a game. Or offer users set monthly amounts of carbon removal for a fee or as a reward for certain behaviors.

4. Who owns the carbon removal?

The owner of the carbon removal credit that Nori retires could be your organization (on behalf of the customer), the customers or users themselves, or another organization on behalf of the customer (e.g., “ABC Corp. on behalf of Jane Doe”)

5. Who pays for the carbon removal?

Either your customers or your company or project can pay for the carbon removal. Alternatively, both your customers and your brand can pay together with equal contributions. If you choose to have customers or a combination of your brand and customers pay, what price they pay for Nori’s carbon removals is up to your discretion.

Simple next steps to take today

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