Get Paid for Your Regenerative Agriculture Practices

Nori is an accessible entry into carbon markets for regenerative agriculture suppliers

We’re a carbon removal marketplace, not an ag business - there are no other commitments outside of it. We don’t push any ag products, and we never own your data.

As a Nori supplier, you and your partners are paid for 100% of your soil carbon. We take a cut from our buyers to keep our marketplace running.

We Work Directly With Ag Businesses and Farmers To Get Them Paid for Their Farms’ Soil Carbon

These are just a few of our Suppliers. See our full registry

Become a Supplier in the Nori Marketplace

We work directly with all sizes of ag businesses and farmers who’ve adopted regenerative agriculture practices within the last 10 years in the United States.

With quality farm records and digital field boundaries, we’re able to sell and pay you for your soil carbon.

We’re committed to making carbon markets more transparent for growers and buyers.

We worked with the Agricultural Climate Markets Collaborative to develop Principles for Transparency in Agricultural Carbon Markets — read them here.

When Your Soil Carbon Sells, You'll Instantly Get USDC and Can Immediately Convert to Cash

Questions about Supplying? We’re here to help!

When you become a supplier, you’ll get a dedicated account manager to answer any questions along the way. Hear what one of our suppliers, Kelly Garrett, had to say about working with Nori.

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