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Nori's Commitment to You

We are Farmer Forward
Nori is committed to creating a fair and equitable marketplace for farmers. We ensure projects are neither unjustly penalized nor rewarded for natural fluctuations in soil carbon outside farmers' control. We are creating a product with feedback directly from growers with the hopes to serve all types of regenerative farmers.

Transparency First
We believe in transparency: from how we measure soil carbon to who is purchasing Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes (NRTs).

Nori Creates an Additional Asset for Farms
We know a farmer's margins are incredibly tight. Our goal is to help diversify your source of income through carbon removal.

Our Farmer Enrollment Webinar Walks You Through the Process of Enrolling With Nori

Watch our enrollment webinar to learn more about how Suppliers can qualify for Nori's Pilot program, and what the benefits are for doing so. We also discuss our measurement, reporting, and verification process, then answer questions from farmers at the end.

You qualify if you farm in the United States and have adopted regenerative practices since 2011.

The Nori Marketplace is Designed with All Parties in Mind

What's the Difference Between a Carbon Market and a Crop Market?

Unlike traditional commodities, such as grain, carbon's value originates from its persistence in the soil. In a carbon market, parties interested in negating their emissions pay others to do the work of carbon removal.

Nori Sets Itself Apart

We want farmers to reap the benefits of their carbon removal. When Nori generates Nori Removal Tonnes (NRTs) for farmers, they set the price of their NRTs and receive 100% of those funds.

As we mentioned before, we know a farmer's margins are incredibly tight. Nori cuts down on project verification costs by working with a third party carbon quantification tool. This way, third parties only verify input data. We also allow for the sale of additional ecosystem services.

Nori respects farmers' privacy. We never sell or commercialize your data in any way.

What Practices Work with Nori?

Nori doesn't prescribe specific practices to farmers, but as a general rule of thumb, we look for projects that:

Plant Better

Regenerative practices that improve soil health and store carbon by infusing diverse nutrients into the soil and slowing soil erosion.

Plow Better

The promotion of carbon accumulation in the soil through the minimization of soil disruption.

Grow Better

Lengthening growing seasons to increase soil resiliency through the addition of cover crops and crop biodiversity.

Does my Project Qualify?

To qualify, you need to have adopted regenerative agriculture practices within the last ten years

You have quality farm management records

You can provide digital field boundaries for fields you want to enroll

Your fields are US based croplands

The land doesn’t have Conservation Reserve Program in its historical land use since 2000

You’re willing to pay project verification costs

Five Major Elements of Nori's Marketplace

Data Collection

Enter historical farm practices, regenerative switch year data, and farm practice projections into the Nori App.

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Verification (Supplier’s Choice!)

Choose a bid from a third-party entity who verifies the provided project information.

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NRT Agreement

The contract to enter the Nori Marketplace, that provides suppliers with the terms and conditions for 10 years after NRT issuance.

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NRT Issuance

Once a project is verified, suppliers are issued NRTs to be sold in the Nori Marketplace.

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Selling NRTs

Suppliers set the price of their NRTs and are paid as they sell, in Nori's First in-First out (FiFo) market.

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Why Ten Years?

Buyers value carbon's ability to persist in the soil for an extended period of time. Reasonably meeting the need of both farmers and buyers requires a ten year contract.

Want to learn more? Check out these resources 👇

  • Nori Respects Farmer Autonomy

    Our “farmer-forward” marketplace prioritizes farmer autonomy and ensures projects are fairly quantified.

  • Practices, Persistence and Permanence

    Carbon markets are becoming increasingly popular. Nori does its best to balance the concerns of both the buyers and farmers within its marketplace.

  • High Quality Carbon Credits with Process Based Modeling

    We chose process-based modeling to calculate our NRTs because it’s grounded in real data, calibrated and validated by soil samples, and accessible.

  • Croplands Methodology

    Review our pilot US Croplands methodology to understand how people managing croplands can remove and store carbon in soils, and generate NRTs to sell in the Nori Marketplace.

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