The Documents Behind the Nori Marketplace

Dive into the details for growers, buyers, and reviewers

Nori is on a Mission is to Reverse Climate Change

Check out our Litepaper and Whitepaper to learn how we plan to make carbon removal scalable by bringing together climate solutions and blockchain technology.

Nori’s High Quality Carbon Removal

Six Ways Nori Provides Credible Carbon Removal

Nori intentionally meets, exceeds, or diverges from the guiding principles of existing legacy markets.

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Achieving NRT Permanence

Nori embraces the goal of permanent retention carbon removed from the atmosphere.

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How the Marketplace Works

Read through the ins-and-outs of the Nori Marketplace to understand how Nori works and how to participate.

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Grower and Supplier Resources

Nori Respects Farmer Autonomy

Nori’s “farmer-forward” marketplace prioritizes farmer autonomy and ensures projects are fairly quantified.

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NORI — Your Digital Corn Bin

See how farmers can benefit from Nori’s cryptocurrency, NORI.

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Nori Knowledgebase

Have questions on using the Nori app? Find the answers here.

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General Documents

  • Carbon Removal Glossary

    Are you new to carbon removal? We created this glossary to define and help you understand some commonly used terms.

  • Nori Croplands Methodology v1.3

    Review our v1.3 methodology to learn how people managing croplands can remove and store carbon in soils, and create NRTs to sell in Nori.

  • Data Security & Use

    This details Nori’s use of any project data and information a Supplier provides to Nori.

  • NRT Agreement

    Learn about The NRT Agreement suppliers sign to update and verify their farm records on a regular schedule.

Transparency at Our Core

We welcome public comments and feedback on our documents that explain how the Nori marketplace works. Thank you for being involved in what we do!

Historical Documents

We've been around since 2017 and have come a long way. Below are past approaches to the croplands methodologies for suppliers to create and sell NRTs on Nori’s marketplace.

Nori White Paper ⚠️ Updates in progress ⚠️

Croplands Methodology v1.2

Croplands Methodology v1.1