The documents behind the Nori marketplace

Dive into the details for growers, buyers, and reviewers

Nori is on a Mission is to Reverse Climate Change

Check out our Whitepaper to learn how we're making carbon removal scalable by bringing together climate solutions and blockchain technology.

Nori's whitepaper

Nori’s Carbon Removal Credits

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Six ways Nori provides credible carbon removal

Nori intentionally meets, exceeds, or diverges from the guiding principles of existing legacy markets.

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Nori's approach to soil carbon storage

Learn about Nori's approach to soil carbon storage timelines on US Croplands.

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Grower and Supplier Resources

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Nori respects farmer autonomy

Nori’s “farmer-forward” marketplace prioritizes farmer autonomy and ensures projects are fairly quantified.

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Nori Knowledgebase

Have questions on using the Nori app? Find the answers here.

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We don’t prescribe specific practices.
We promote farmer autonomy.

Historical Documents

We've been around since 2017 and have come a long way. Below are past approaches to the croplands methodologies for suppliers to create and sell Regenerative Tonnes on Nori’s marketplace.