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Explore Nori’s supply and demand pipeline for Regenerative Tonnes, carbon removal credits that support regenerative agriculture, soil restoration, and carbon sequestration on US farmland.

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Available Regenerative Tonne Supply

Use our interactive map and pie chart below to see which states and suppliers have Tonnes available.

Issued Regenerative Tonne Projects

Nori Marketplace Overview

Projects in the Supply Pipeline

Before Regenerative Tonnes can be issued and ready for sale in Nori’s marketplace, they must go through a few steps to ensure the quality and validity of the credits, and the carbon removal practices that created them.

Historical Supply and Demand in the Nori Marketplace

Incident Reports

Occasionally, Nori’s Regenerative Tonne quantification may deviate from the real number of carbon tonnes sequestered over time. These deviations can result from operational mistakes, as well as carbon reversal that we discover from our suppliers. We make a best faith effort to keep our carbon accounting as truthful as possible, and we also use our carbon warranty to keep our buyers whole in these circumstances. In alignment with placing honesty above all else, we publish these incident reports in hopes that the boosted transparency can help build trust with the broader climate action community.