October 2022 Incident Report

Knuth Farms

In October of 2022, Nori discovered that we incorrectly issued 28.8 NRTs to Knuth Farms. The error was caused by a glitch in our geographical boundary of one of the enrolled fields. At the time of discovery, these NRTs had already been sold, so Nori decided to purchase new NRTs on behalf of the buyer to make their purchase whole again. The buyer and supplier were notified of this change, and they approved our remediation steps below.

Affected Certificates

Remediation Steps

  1. Nori discovered the NRT issuance error.
  2. Nori identified and notified the affected supplier and buyer.
  3. Nori purchased new NRTs to make the buyer’s purchase whole again.
  4. Nori invalidated the erroneously issued NRTs.