Seattle Chocolate Company

Making chocolate and removing carbon

Founded in 1991, Seattle Chocolate Company (SCC) is a woman-owned chocolatier based in Seattle, Washington. Its mission is to make the world a brighter (and more delicious) place through chocolate.

Responsible sourcing and environmental impact are front of mind for their team. They strive to reduce their carbon footprint by 10% every year, and are working with their stakeholders to reduce carbon emission at every step of the way. For a chocolate company like theirs, that means changing their packaging to compostable and recyclable material, reducing waste and diverting away from landfill, reducing employee commute, eliminating single use plastic, and more.

Not only are they taking action to lower their own emissions – they’re also buying carbon removals to help with the collective goal of reversing climate change. (A great example of Nori’s motto ‘emit less and remove the rest’!)

“Taking care of this one and only earth is very important to us, and climate change has drastically impacted the planet and its people,” said Ruby Shrestha, VP of Scientific Affairs at SCC, “ Reversing climate change requires reduction of the excess CO2 from the atmosphere, which in turn requires carbon removal at a much faster pace.”

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500 Tonnes of Carbon Removed by Seattle Chocolate Company!

Retirement location: Seattle, Washington USA

Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes (NRTs) purchased to date: 500

1 regenerative agriculture project supported

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🧑‍🌾 Muff Farms

Verified Carbon Removal

This certificate is third-party verified and includes extensive farm data to transparently show the tonnes of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere.

🌱 500 NRTs | 8/23/2022 | Seattle Chocolate Company

Reversing climate change is possible.

We can reverse climate change if we remove enough carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere.

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