Favorite Episodes of 2022

A look at some of our favorite Reversing Climate Change episodes this year

✨ Favorite Episodes of 2022

We had a great year podcasting for Reversing Climate Change. We did a lot of episodes on food (and wine!), many on the blossoming carbon removal industry, a number of regular CDR Happy Hour shows featuring some of our Memelab Writers' Room crew, and more. Here are some standouts, though there are a lot of interesting ones on different topics too, so be sure to check out the full list.

-Host Ross Kenyon

💛 Thanks for tuning in this year!

To all of our listeners: thanks for tuning into the podcast in 2022! We hope that you learned something new and enjoyed the variety of perspectives that we brought to the table.

If you have a minute, we'd appreciate your podcast feedback in a quick survey. Our goal is to improve your 2023 listening experience with more guests and topics that you enjoy.

Happy holidays from the Reversing Climate Change team at Nori!

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