S3E31: Loving Cheese in the Age of Climate Change—w/ Liz Thorpe, author of The Book of Cheese

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Cheese can be both rarified and common. It is also an industry that impacts and is impacted by climate change.

Today’s guest is author and cheese expert, Liz Thorpe. Liz is known for working her way up at New York City’s Murray’s Cheese shop, and taking it from a specialty shop to kiosks in Kroger stores across America, making cheese accessible and available to the American general public.

Today, Liz serves as Founder of The People’s Cheese, a platform designed to teach a broader market why cheese matters and how to make it part of everyday life. She is also the author of The Book of Cheese and The Cheese Chronicles.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Liz joins Ross to explain how she pushes back against an elitist interpretation of cheese, and explores how the American desire for choice and innovation translates to the cheese market in the US.

Liz discusses how our industrialized food system contributes to climate change and describes how government subsidies and taxes often exacerbate the problem. Some cheeses are becoming more available, and others less. How many cheeses are going extinct due to climate change among other factors?!

Listen in for Liz’s insight on the mission-driven nature of cheesemaking and learn how you can take advantage of the explosion of great cheese produced in the US in the last fifteen years.

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