S3E27: Climate Industrialism, aka Why Is It So Hard to Build Anything?—w/ Lyn Stoler & Sonam Velani of Parachute

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Lyn Stoler and Sonam Velani have coined the phrase Climate Industrialism to describe the optimistic, action-oriented response to climate change they already see happening in many communities around the world.

Lyn and Sonam define Climate Industrialism as ‘a social and economic system built on the creation of climate technologies that yield human and environmental co-benefits.’

What does that mean, exactly? And how does Climate Industrialism create a virtuous cycle for companies building climate solutions and the cities where they choose to build?

Lyn and Sonam are the cocreators of Parachute, a research and storytelling project that shares climate solutions with local governments around the world to make our cities more beautiful, more livable, and more resilient.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Lyn and Sonam join Ross to explore their new model of Climate Industrialism and explain why cities need to take the lead on climate action.

Lyn and Sonam discuss the history behind the regulations and permitting processes that slow industrial building and describe how cities can attract talent by welcoming climate industries.

Listen in to understand the pros and cons of startup cities and learn what municipalities can do to promote both climate change mitigation as well as adaption and resilience through Climate Industrialism.

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