The Sandbox

Popular video game, The Sandbox, reverses carbon emissions from in-game NFTs. At the end of every month, Nori runs calculations for the transactions on the lands and NFT assets in The Sandbox. The total CO2 removal purchased in that month is provided as a NFT that represents carbon removal from distinct projects that are independently verified. See below for links to the individual carbon removal NFTs.

Subscription type: Variable NRTs per month (depending on NFT transactions)
Retirement Location: HK, HK
Total NRTs: 5,854 NRTs
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Nori: Ode to Earth collection

Not only a tree but a step towards CO2 removal! Only 100 minted. This collection is part of Nori's Climate Change NFT Series.

200% of proceeds will go towards Nori carbon removal projects. The Sandbox will contribute the same amount of proceeds from the sale, reinforcing its commitment to removing carbon dioxide with Nori.

1/1 Nori: Golden Tree

This NFT was part of an auction that ended December 16, 2021 where 100% proceeds went towards Nori carbon removal projects to reverse climate change.

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