The Climate Change NFT Collection

An ode to the planet, hosted by Nori

Fixing the planet requires collaboration. This collection brings together NFT artists in pursuit of a common goal; to reverse climate change through carbon removal.

All proceeds will support the artists and Nori carbon removal projects.

Artists Already Reversing Climate Change

We’ve partnered with these artists to offset a percentage of their projects

🎵 Imogen Heap
📷 Sonni Frej
🎵 Sherman Theatrical
👾 The Sandbox

Calling All Artists

Contribute to the collection with your vision of climate change and its impact. With a portion of proceeds going towards carbon removal projects, your art can help the planet and create a better future for humanity.

Accepted artists and their art will be featured throughout Nori’s social media channels, and two exclusive NFT events during Art Basel in Miami, December 1, 2021.

Don’t Miss New Drops

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Welcome to the Climate Change NFT Collection

Watch for new NFTs as they’re accepted into the Climate Collection

NFT Climate Collection Details

🧑🏽‍🎨 Artists

Sign up to contribute to the collection, then we will reach out to you with more information about the drop. NFT contributions can be pre-existing art works or custom-made for the collection, and should integrate environmental themes.

🔮 Collectors

Sign up to get notified of new NFT drops in the collection. Be the first to grab a new piece from the climate change collection.

🌿 Proceeds

NFT proceeds will be split between the artists and Nori carbon removal offsets; artists can choose to contribute anywhere from 50-100% of their proceeds to carbon removal, making each NFT carbon-negative.

✨ New Drops

We’ll notify collectors and our community through email and social media when new NFTs in the Climate Change Collection drop. Don’t miss out.