Reverse Climate Change Through Art

Join the community of artists reversing climate change through their art.

Are you an artist looking to create a positive environmental impact through your art?

You can now make your NFTs carbon-negative with Nori Carbon Removals when you mint, sell or transfer any NFTs. Simply purchase carbon removal on behalf of your work and share your proof of climate action with your audience, fans and buyers!

Artists Already Reversing Climate Change

We’ve partnered with these artists to offset a percentage of their projects

Imogen Heap 🎵
Sherman Theatrical Entertainment 🎵
Sonni Frej 📷
The Sandbox 👾

How to Join the NFT Climate Change Community

And make a bigger impact with your work.

1. Create, Mint, & List Your NFT On a Marketplace

Start by listing your NFTs on any marketplace you like.

2. Pick a Percentage

Decide what percentage of your NFT sales you’d like to set aside for carbon removal.

3. Share your NFT with us

Let us know when your NFT is live for a chance to get your work promoted by Nori!

4. Buy Carbon Removals To Make Your NFTs Carbon-Negative When You Mint, List or Sell Them

Many artists use a percentage of proceeds to buy their Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes (NRTs), and include the name of the artwork on their carbon removal certificate as proof.

Buy Carbon Removals Directly From Farmers

Make your NFTs Carbon Negative

Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes

One Nori Carbon Removal Tonne represents 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide stored for 10 years.

5. Let Us Know About Your Carbon-Negative NFT!

Send us a link to your carbon removal certificate and let us know you've completed these steps.

We may share your work with our growing audience of NFT collectors in our newsletter, social media, or on display at events! Keep in mind – due to a high number of submissions, we’re not able to promise promotional opportunities to each artist in the Climate Change NFT Community.

6. Share Your Certificate With Your Community

Let the world know about your carbon-negative NFT(s). Many artists have shared their proof of climate action with their audiences, fans, and other artists looking to take action.

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🧑🏽‍🎨 Artists

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