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Remove carbon, support regenerative agriculture, and create an impact you can count on. All Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes (NRTs) are third-party verified, warranty-backed, and come with a certificate that transparently tracks your specific carbon removal project.

Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes

One Nori Carbon Removal Tonne represents approximately 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide stored for 10+ years.

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Track and Showcase Your Climate Impact

Each carbon removal purchase comes with a Nori Carbon Removal Certificate showcasing how much carbon removal you funded, and where and when the carbon was removed. Refer to your certificates to easily track your impact and share it with your friends, and customers, and in sustainability reports.

Set It and Forget It: Carbon Removal Subscriptions

Automate ongoing climate action with a carbon removal subscription. Customize the purchase amount and frequency — monthly, quarterly, or whatever works best for you and your business. Modify or cancel anytime.

Meet Some of the Regenerative Farmers Selling Carbon Removals via Nori

100% of each NRT (Nori carbon removal tonne) paid for goes directly to our suppliers. Nori collects an additional 25% transaction fee to keep the marketplace running.

Angela Knuth

Knuth Farms
Nebraska, USA | 718 NRTs

Bruce Johnson

Double J Farms
Iowa, USA | 5,024 NRTs

Trey Hill

Harborview Farms
Maryland, USA | 14,010.6 NRTs

Kelly Garrett

Garrett Land and Cattle
Iowa, USA | 22,745 NRTs

John Nergenah

John Nergenah
Illinois, USA | 1,255.6 NRTs

Adam and Levi Ullrich

Ullrich Family Farm
Iowa, USA | 14,584.2 NRTs

Fund regenerative farmers removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Remove Carbon.

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Carbon Removal is the Only Way to Remove Excess CO2 From the Atmosphere

To achieve a livable climate future and ultimately reverse climate change, we need to remove 1.5 trillion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Carbon removal is the only way to do this. Yet, only 5% of voluntary offsets fund carbon removal. We need to scale up the carbon removal industry. You can help. Remove carbon now.

Positive Climate Impact You Can Count On

All carbon removals are third-party verified, warranty-backed, and transparently tracked on the blockchain. Immediate retirement is enforced by code, so our carbon removals can’t be resold.

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Join the growing number of businesses and individuals buying carbon removals to fund a climate-positive future.

We Pride Ourselves on Transparency and High Quality Carbon Removals

  • How NRTs Are Generated

    One NRT represents approximately one tonne of removed CO2 stored for a minimum of ten years. Learn the general process for creating these NRTs and our various partners involved throughout.

  • High Quality Carbon Credits with Process Based Modeling

    We chose process-based modeling to calculate our NRTs because it’s grounded in real data, calibrated and validated by soil samples, and accessible.

  • Practices, Persistence and Permanence

    Carbon markets are becoming increasingly popular. Nori does its best to balance the concerns of both the buyers and farmers within its marketplace.

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