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#72 2020 Presidential candidates and their climate plans—with Zoya Teirstein

June 25, 2019


So many candidates, so little time! If you’re curious what some of the Democratic contenders for president are proposing when it comes to climate change, fasten your seatbelt. From plans to reach net zero emissions by 2045 to investments in direct air capture technology, the presidential hopefuls each have an ambitious climate platform. Who has the most aggressive approach? What are some of the more unique initiatives? And how achievable are the policy proposals currently on the table?

Zoya Teirstein is a climate reporter for Grist, an environment and climate change media platform based in Seattle. Her work has been featured in Mother Jones, Salon and The Verge, among many other publications. Today, Zoya joins Alexsandra and Ross to explain why climate change has become part of the cultural zeitgeist for the first time. She walks us through several of the presidential candidates’ climate plans, covering Biden’s shifting approach, Inslee’s comprehensive policy, and Warren’s initiative to green the military. 

Zoya also shares why an all-of-the-above approach is controversial, how feasible it would be to institute a carbon tax, and why there is a growing call for a separate climate debate.  Listen in for insight into where Bernie, Beto and Booker stand on climate change and learn what Mayor Pete, Michael Bennet and John Delaney are proposing in terms of climate policy.

Key Takeaways

[0:48] Zoya’s path to reversing climate change 

[2:16] Why climate change is in the cultural zeitgeist for the first time

  • Trump administration’s war on environment
  • Widespread youth movement frame as moral issue
  • AOC’s introduction of Green New Deal
  • Urgency in scientific reports (e.g.: IPCC)

[8:20] Joe Biden’s shifting approach to climate change

  • Widespread condemnation of ‘middle of the road’ policy
  • Shifted to net zero emissions by 2020, $5T climate plan

[12:39] Why an all-of-the-above approach is controversial

  • Includes coal and natural gas
  • Natural gas + fracking industry downplay methane emissions

[14:07] The growing call for a climate debate

  • Touches all other issues
  • Endorsed by 14 candidates

[19:53] Jay Inslee’s comprehensive climate policy

  • WA just passed suite of clean energy bills
  • Running as climate candidate ($9T plan)
  • Includes international component

[24:33] Elizabeth Warren’s approach to climate change

  • No drilling on public lands
  • Green the military (one of biggest emitters)
  • Invest in low carbon tech + push out to world
  • Put Americans to work in green economy

[29:29] Bernie Sanders and Beto O’Rourke’s climate plans

  • Sanders yet to release policy (long history as climate hawk)
  • O’Rourke promise net zero emissions by 2050

[31:42] Cory Booker’s Environmental Justice Plan 

  • Pro nuclear energy, boost to EPA
  • Pay for pollution policy with companies

[32:52] Pete Buttigieg's approach to climate change

[34:09] Michael Bennet’s climate plan

  • Centrist candidate
  • Farming-centric package

[35:29] John Delaney’s plan for climate change

  • Introduce price on carbon
  • Invest in direct air capture technology
  • Fund by ending fossil fuel subsidies

[40:28] Zoya’s insight on the feasibility of a carbon tax

  • Delaney’s plan = revenue neutral
  • Eliminates 90% of emissions by 2050

[44:44] Bill Weld’s position on climate change

  • Challenge Trump from inside Republican party
  • Middle of the road, transition away from fossil fuels

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