What makes an online climate community work?—w/ Evan Hynes of Climatebase

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In the new community economy, many content creators have moved beyond simply sharing ideas with an audience. For many the goal is to facilitate connection among their followers and foster a sense of belonging. So, how can businesses and organizations in the climate space leverage community to shape the low-carbon future we need?

Evan Hynes is a Cofounder at Climatebase, a platform that makes it easy to discover jobs, people, and organizations working to solve the climate crisis. On this bonus episode of the podcast, Evan joins Ross to discuss how Climatebase has evolved into a professional network for the climate space, sharing his team’s mission to build a one-stop shop for climate opportunities.

Evan explores the sense of belonging that comes from being a part of a few small, unique climate communities and challenges content creators to complement each other rather than compete for attention. Listen in for Evan’s insight on following a healthy ‘information diet’ and learn how you can contribute to the next iteration of the Climatebase community.

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