Solutions: The Climate Change Board Game—w/ Samuel Levac-Levey, Founder and Game Designer

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Most efforts to educate the public around climate change are pretty dour and leave people feeling hopeless and helpless. But there are things an individual or small group can do to have a meaningful impact on the climate. And now, there’s a board game that teaches people about the most effective climate solutions and gives them the agency to take action.

Samuel Levac-Levey is the Founder and Game Designer behind Solutions, a collaborative board game designed to inspire hope and action on the climate crisis. On this bonus episode of Reversing Climate Change, Sam joins Ross and guest host Christi Taylor, Marketing Coordinator at Nori, to explain how the book Drawdown informed the creation of the game and describe how it serves as a starting point for real-world climate action.

Sam walks us through the mechanics of the game, discussing how it’s being tested both in schools and with a general audience. Listen in to understand how Solutions exposes players to job opportunities in the climate space and learn how you can support Sam’s project and play Solutions yourself by contributing to his Kickstarter campaign before it closes on August 17th.

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