S3E8: Kelp: Foraged, Farmed, and Delicious!—with Matt Kern, Cofounder of Barnacle Foods

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Kelp could be an extraordinary tool for long-term carbon sequestration. It also happens to be delicious.

And that’s why Matt Kern is on a mission to promote kelp farming in his home state of Alaska and replace some of the more carbon-intensive foods in our diet with seaweed.

Matt Kern is the Cofounder of Barnacle Foods, a food manufacturing business based in Juneau that uses Alaskan kelp as its principal ingredient.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Matt joins Ross to discuss how his team sources kelp in a sustainable way and describe what differentiates foraged food from farmed.

Matt explores why seaweed is not more popular in the US and explains what Barnacle Foods is doing to introduce consumers to the savory, rich flavors of bull kelp.

Listen in to understand what makes kelp a fast, efficient tool for carbon sequestration and find out where you can go to try Barnacle Foods’ hot sauce, seasonings, pickles, and other provisions.

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