S3E45: Mixing Fast and Slow Carbon: The Nori Blended Tonne—w/ Radhika Moolgavkar, Nori's Head of Supply & Methodology

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The carbon removal industry and science have evolved greatly since Nori was founded in 2017. In this special Reversing Climate Change episode, Nori's Head of Supply and Methodology Radhika Moolgavkar, joins host Ross Kenyon to talk through what’s changed, what’s still the same, and how Nori is evolving with a new net-zero-friendly ‘blended tonne’ that they just published a new whitepaper on this week.

  • What is this ‘blended tonne’ Nori is developing?

  • What did the carbon removal industry look like back in 2017? 

  • Why did Nori choose to start with soil carbon and how has soil carbon progressed since then?

  • What is a carbon cycle and why should carbon removal credit buyers care?

  • What is the difference between the geological (‘slow) carbon cycle and and biological (‘fast’) carbon cycle? 

  • If you emit a tonne by burning fossil fuels and remove a tonne through soil carbon, is it net zero?

  • If you emit a tonne by burning fossil fuels and pre-purchase a future DAC carbon removal, is it net zero?

  • What role does soil carbon play in reversing climate change?

Tune in to dive into the questions above, and more!

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The Nori Blended Tonne Whitepaper (list of coauthors and acknowledged contributors at the bottom of the page)
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