S3E41: Whole animal butchery, nose-to-tail eating, & climate—w/ Kevin Smith, butcher & owner of Beast and Cleaver

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Beast and Cleaver, a butcher shop and charcuterie in Seattle, is on a mission to elevate the craft of butchery to true artistry. They want you to eat meat of higher quality, and yes, less of it.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, the founder of Beast and Cleaver, Kevin Smith, joins Ross to discuss his butcher shop’s unique approach to localized meat production in a carbon heavy industry.

Have you heard the expression “it’s the how, not the cow”? That very much reflects Beast and Cleaver’s ethos. With more and more people eating meat globally as they gain access to financial means, the details of meat production become incredibly important. Part of the good news is that American consumers are increasingly interested in Old World food traditions of pâté and offal rather than merely prestige cuts, and even things like aspic that went deeply out of fashion decades ago are seemingly making a foodie comeback.

Kevin and Ross discuss the perception that major factory meat producers like Tyson and Smithfield Foods are incredibly efficient at using all parts of the animal. But are they in comparison to local, small-scale operations like Beast and Cleaver? They also discuss the challenges of running an artisanal meat business and how they are working to educate consumers about the benefits of sustainable meat production.

So if you're in the Seattle area and are a meat-eater (and enjoy classical charcuterie), be sure to check out Beast and Cleaver and get yourself a slice of pâté en croûte! Listen to the full episode to learn more about their innovative approach to localized meat production and learn how to possibly indulge with respect and care on your plate.

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