S3E36: Why We Need More Sh*tty First Drafts in Carbon Removal—w/ Adina Mangubat & Tito Jankowski of AirMiners

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You can judge the progress of an industry by its number of sh*tty first drafts.

And if we have any hope of getting to gigatonne-scale carbon removal by 2030, we need a greater diversity of ideas in the CDR space. We need entrepreneurs who dare to think differently. We need more sh*tty first drafts.

So, what can we do to encourage this kind of radical risk-taking in carbon removal? Where can entrepreneurs, investors, and carbon removal buyers go to generate their sh*tty first drafts and then iterate on each other’s ideas together?

Adina Mangubat and Tito Jankowski are Accelerator Director and CEO, respectively, at AirMiners, a community that empowers people taking risks to accelerate the reversal of climate change through carbon removal.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Tito and Adina join Ross to discuss the AirMiners Launchpad business accelerator, explaining how it serves early-stage carbon removal startups and why it supports companies across the spectrum of permanence.

Tito describes his role in unlocking capital for early-stage CDR startups, exploring how AirMiners helps them sell future carbon credits as a complement to traditional equity investment.

Listen in for Adina’s insight around what buyers are looking for in carbon removal startups and learn how you can get involved in the AirMiners community and contribute to the queue of sh*tty first drafts we need to save the planet.

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