S2E53: Paul Kingsnorth on the shared roots of climate crisis, transhumanism, & immortality

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Paul Kingsnorth is tired of talking about the scope of the climate crisis. In his view, we can’t fix climate change. But we can uncover the spiritual root of the problem and explore how we might live through it.

Paul is the founder of The Dark Mountain Project and a prolific writer of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. His latest release, the novel Alexandria, serves as the capstone of the acclaimed Buckmaster Trilogy. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Paul joins Ross to discuss the connection Paul sees between transhumanism and the climate crisis, explaining what’s behind our ideology against limits and why he believes the mind and soul can’t live separate from the body.

Paul shares his take on capitalism versus distributism, describing how systems of radical local democracy would root us in community and prevent the kind of scale that leads to tyranny. Listen in for Paul’s insight on the emptying of the will at the heart of most religious traditions and learn why he believes a connection with something greater than ourselves is key to effective activism.

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