Financial Innovation within Carbon Removal (& EHR!)—w/ Peter Olivier, Head of New Markets at UNDO

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In the last five years, an enormous amount of effort has been put into technical and scientific innovation around carbon removal.

But what about financial innovation?

How can we create more opportunities to finance carbon removal at scale? And what does innovation look like in carbon removal markets?

Peter Olivier is Head of New Markets at UNDO, a company that uses enhanced rock weathering to achieve carbon removal at scale.

On this bonus episode of Reversing Climate Change, Peter joins Ross and Siobhan to describe the UNDO process, discussing the source of the rock UNDO uses, and why they partner with farmers to spread crushed rock on cropland.

Peter shares his take on the forward contract basis of the CDR market, exploring ‘the uncomfortably large amounts of money’ we need to scale and how we might make CDR forwards contracts more fungible.

Listen in for Peter’s insight on innovating CDR markets through donor-advised funds and find out how we might be able to influence the future by creating opportunities to finance carbon removal at scale!

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