New CDR Policy and Resources in 2024New CDR Policy and Resources in 2024
Episode #

New CDR Policy and Resources in 2024

Episode #

New CDR Policy and Resources in 2024


What's new in carbon removal? Join us for the 2024 Carbon Removal Newsroom kickoff!

Will 2024 see the emergence of universal carbon market standards? December saw a coalition formed by leading regulatory bodies. 

We unpack the implications of California Bill 1305. How does this legislation mandate transparency in voluntary carbon offset marketing? What could this mean for combating greenwashing and ensuring data reliability?

The EPA resources for marine carbon dioxide removal (mCDR) and marine solar radiation management (mSRM) are now online. How do these resources address environmental risks, and what regulatory responsibilities are outlined for safe implementation?How might common principles for high-quality carbon credits reshape industry practices, and what's the significance of transparency and public participation in this process?

Join us as our policy panel takes a look at what’s cooking for CDR in 2024.

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Wil Burns

Holly Jean Buck

Radhika Moolgavkar


Article 6.4 Mechanism

Crediting Program joint statement California Bill 1305


The London Convention

mCDR and mSRM online resources

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