Web3 Mind, Body, Earth, & Yoga Recap

A recap from our

Miami Art Week event with SuperLayer, The Sandbox, Ambrus Studio, and Polygon.

Every year, the art and web3 community flocks to Miami for Art Week, ready to bop between hundreds of events throughout the city. This year, our team at Nori organized a Web3 Mind, Body, Earth, and Yoga event, offering attendees a chance to pause, breathe, stretch, and connect with the web3-climate community amidst a busy week.

We kicked off the event with a meditation guided by SuperLayer’s VP of Marketing Tony Pham. Then, Nori’s Head of Demand, Alexsandra Guerra, led attendees through a power vinyasa yoga flow. We followed these grounding moments with lunch and networking. Over lunch, we discussed the roles we each play in the collective effort to get atmospheric CO2 back down to safe levels, and ultimately make our planet a better, more livable place for ourselves and generations to come.

Our event was held at Casa Florida on Wednesday, November 30th with partners SuperLayer, Polygon, The Sandbox and , Ambrus Studio. Check out photos from the event below