How does Nori ensure Regenerative Tonne quality?

Regenerative Tonne quality

is ensured in the following ways:

  1. All Regenerative Tonnes are ex-post carbon removal credits, which means we can verify the carbon has already been removed from the atmosphere. We do not sell reduction or avoidance credits, which seek to limit future emissions and are more prone to overstating impact, over-crediting, and credit reversal (e.g., wildfires destroying forest offsets). 
  2. We use a third-party verifier to ensure that farmers have adopted regenerative practices and maintain these practices over time;
  3. The model Nori uses is based on the USDA Blue Book-approved COMET-Farm carbon accounting system and greenhouse gas implementation tool and is underpinned by soil sampling. This is a third-party model and the soil organic carbon is independently quantified;
  4. Nori employs a dynamic baseline, measuring only carbon sequestration that occurs above and beyond modeled scenarios of what would have naturally occurred. This is crucial for accurately quantifying how much extra carbon dioxide is being removed from the soils, where carbon levels can fluctuate naturally;
  5. Nori conservatively quantifies carbon credits by taking the lesser of two soil organic carbon numbers that the model produces and using that number to create the Nori Regenerative Tonne. This method is intentionally conservative about the amount of carbon being stored in the soil (based on an analysis of all of Nori’s enrolled projects), such that credits represent an accurate or greater-than-stated storage amount, rather than an overestimate of carbon storage;
  6. The Nori contract is for 10 years because that is a reasonable, practical period for Nori, our suppliers, and our verifiers to monitor the practices and ensure there has not been a reversal (i.e., where carbon is intentionally or unintentionally returned to the atmosphere) or mitigate for a reversal;
  7. All Nori Regenerative Tonne projects are recorded on a public blockchain and are visible on our supplier pages, providing an industry-leading level of transparency in the Voluntary Carbon Markets. This provides buyers the ability to see the projects and practices that are being funded by their purchases;
  8. All Nori Regenerative tonnes are immediately retired upon purchase, with blockchain tracking, designed to prevent credits being claimed more than once.