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Nori’s goal is clear: create a new way for anyone in the world to pay to remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In order to do that, we are building a blockchain-backed open-source market for people to measure and monetize anything that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by generating carbon removal certificates. While the aim is to enable a suite of methods for carbon removal in its marketplace, Nori is currently focused on the method of carbon removal through agricultural soils.

Nori’s success to meet the needs of buyers and suppliers of carbon removal certificates depends on the input from these buyers, suppliers, and industry experts. We are launching a webinar series to incorporate feedback in and be transparent about the system we’re designing. Get on the ground floor to provide feedback to and learn about the system we are designing. Please join us on our mission to reverse climate change.


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Join Nori in kicking-off its webinar series! We’ll talk about where Nori is in development, answer any questions, and gather input on you’d like to discuss in the series. This is your opportunity to get updated on Nori’s progress, and to find out how to get involved.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Nori’s progress to date: Reversapalooza, platform development, methodology development
  • Opportunities to get involved as an earlier adopter (buyer, supplier, verifier)
  • How to comment on Nori documentation and methodologies

Target Audience: everyone

This event will be live streamed.

This event has passed. Click here to view the recording.

This will cover how to measure carbon increase in soils. We’ll walk you through what data is needed in order to list your projects on the Nori marketplace. We’ll demonstrate how to enroll your project in the marketplace and list CRCs. We’ll lightly discuss how verification is involved in this process. We’ll discuss how carbon increase in soils is determined and how to maximize the total amount of CRCs you can sell on the Nori marketplace by providing different data points.

Topics will cover:

  • Data requirements for listing your project in the marketplace
  • How CRCs are calculated based on estimated carbon in soils
  • How CRCs are rated based on given data and quality of that data

Target Audience: potential suppliers

This event will be live streamed.

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Nori connects buyers and suppliers in the world’s first CO2 removal marketplace with a mission to reverse climate change. This webinar will take a deep dive into how the Nori marketplace and underlying infrastructure will enable buying and selling carbon removal certificates (CRCs).

We will cover aspects such as:

  • Pricing mechanism of CRCs: forwards contracts and spot auctions
  • How Nori will ensure carbon removal is permanent
  • How to buy & sell NORI tokens, exchanging them for CRCs and USD

Target Audience: potential buyers and suppliers of CRCs

This event will be live streamed.

This event has passed. Click here to view the recording.

This session will explain how verification of carbon removal certificates works. We’ll review the Nori methodology for verifying project data provided by suppliers (agricultural producers). We’ll highlight key aspects of the Nori verification protocol. Registered participants will receive the draft verification methodology in advance.

We’ll address:

  • How to verify that project listings contain accurate data
  • How often verification occurs
  • Verifier identification
  • The verification protocol - a walk through the protocol diagram

Target Audience: potential verifiers and suppliers

This event will be live streamed.

Join Nori for a more in-depth look at the verification and methodology requirements for carbon sequestration in US croplands. A current draft of the methodology will be provided to all webinar registrants prior to the webinar. We will review comments and explore improvements and potential solutions based on document feedback.

Target Audience: new and existing verifiers in carbon markets; suppliers

This event will be live streamed.


Each week, Nori offers insights and shares success stories on how removing excess CO2 from the atmosphere is impacting our climate, and details on our marketplace progress and buildout for launch.

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