Verification Report

April 8, 2021


John Nergenah John Nergenah

Creek Bottom

2018 - 2020

Creek Top

2018 - 2019

Detmer East

2016 - 2019

Detmer West

2017 - 2020


1. If more than one party has ownership interest in the land, building and/or business operations that are located within the project boundaries, have all such parties assigned authority to register this project in the Nori market, on behalf of all parties, to the person identified herein as the project's Primary Contact?


No, this project does not have confirmed, legal ownership.

2. Is this project independent of other registries and programs and is there no conflict of interest where this project has been issued any form of credit representing real interest in the carbon removal claims outlined in the application by any other registry or market administrator?


No, this project not independent of other registries and programs.

3. Is the data the applicant submitted to Nori reasonable given the operating records (e.g. invoices, receipts, etc.) and any other evidence to which the Verifier was granted access by the applicant?



4. Does the data or evidence found in the applicant's operating records meet with the Nori Guidelines definition for completeness and accuracy?


No, this project does not meet my standards as a professional verifier.

Verification opinion

As a result of the attestations above, what is the final verification opinion?

Positive - reasonable assurance

Positive - reasonable assurance with qualifications

Neutral - limited assurance

Adverse - no assurance

Verification summary

Property ownership was confirmed. Assignments of authority are on file for all owners except one who's medical condition precludes signing legal documents. The project activity, no-till farming, was confirmed with photos of the project owner's no till planters.

Verifier's Signature

Janice McMahon

Janice McMahon Aster Global, INC.

April 8, 2021

Supplier's Signature

John Nergenah

John Nergenah John Nergenah

April 8, 2021