We welcome public comment and feedback on the documents that explain how Nori works, how we help specific methods of carbon removal make “Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes” (NRTs), and why we think NRTs need to exist in the first place.

How Nori Works

Dive in to read through the ins-and-outs of the Nori Marketplace. This document is for anyone who wants to understand how Nori works and how to participate in our marketplace.

Croplands Methodology

Review our first methodology to understand how people managing croplands can remove and store carbon in soils, and generate NRTs to sell in the Nori Marketplace.

Welcome to the Nori Pilot

This is an overview for US crop producers of how to participate in the Nori Pilot.

Nori White Paper

Want to learn about the motivation behind starting Nori and the problems that we’re solving? The Nori white paper is our kitchen sink document.

Data Security & Use

This is an agreement between farmers, project owners, or other parties and Nori regarding Nori’s use of your project’s operating data and other relevant information, and other proprietary information that you provide us that is marked confidential.

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