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Nori Announces Partnership With Perennial

Nori partners with Perennial to support the expansion of its carbon credit issuing program and unlock new capabilities

Seattle, Washington — April 23, 2024

Today Nori, a leading carbon removal credit issuer, registry, and market, announced that it has chosen Perennial, the soil carbon standards, tools, and technology company, to support the evolution and expansion of its soil organic carbon credit issuing program. Perennial’s technology will be incorporated into Nori’s soil carbon quantification and broader regenerative agriculture methodology, unlocking new capabilities like expansion to new crop types, international croplands, and precision credit selection.

Nori is integrating Perennial’s soil carbon measurement technology into its regenerative agriculture methodology, incorporating soil sampling and digital soil mapping to observe and measure carbon storage. Perennial uses a first-of-its-kind approach to dynamic baselining in soil carbon. Using digital soil mapping, the dynamic baseline compares enrolled fields to a real-time network of similar nearby fields to create a performance benchmark. The program will also continually collect soil samples over time.

Working with Perennial will enable Nori to support international project development, facilitating scalability beyond Nori’s current US croplands focus. 

It will also make it possible for Nori to offer carbon removal credit buyers more customization and precision when it comes to selecting projects — enabling companies to support projects that align with their emissions, supply chain, sustainability goals, and marketing initiatives to meet the growing demands of staff, investors, and customers. 

“Our team is thrilled to work with Perennial to advance and expand our regenerative agriculture carbon crediting — introducing soil sampling and digital soil mapping to our quantification process. This is consistent with our commitment to incorporating the latest science, adapting our offerings to best suit the evolving market and needs of our customers, and ensuring that our efforts to mitigate climate change are effective and scalable,” said Nori CEO Matt Trudeau.

Perennial’s CEO, Jack Roswell, expressed, “Partnering with Nori is a significant step towards scaling soil carbon sequestration as a key solution for reversing climate change. Nori’s supply pipeline fused with Perennial’s leading measurement technology will unlock exciting new possibilities for soil carbon credits. We’re thrilled to work together in incentivizing growers to implement regenerative practices, and encouraging more buyers to add soil carbon credits to their climate impact strategy.”

Soil carbon sequestration through regenerative agriculture has the potential to sequester gigatons of carbon dioxide each year and help keep global heating within the 1.5-degree Celsius target. Scaling regenerative agriculture to mitigate climate change requires collaboration, and partnerships like Nori and Perennial’s are advancing the industry with the pace and rigor necessary to move the needle.

About Nori:

Founded in 2017, Nori is on a mission to scale carbon removal with increased transparency, trust, and impact. Driven by the ultimate goal of reversing climate change, its fully integrated issuing program, registry, and marketplace ensure high-integrity carbon removal credits while lowering barriers for carbon removal suppliers and buyers alike. Nori’s carbon removal credits are integration-friendly and come with certificates that transparently track where and when carbon removal happens. 

About Perennial:

Perennial ( is a research and technology company developing innovative methods to incentivize and scale the adoption of regenerative agriculture programs. Based in Boulder, Colorado USA, the company has been working for multiple years to commercialize ongoing research in data-driven modeling and digital soil mapping for scalable, robust soil carbon quantification. Perennial’s industry-leading technology has been recognized by Verra, TIME Magazine, Forbes, NASA, and Fast Company.


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