Will Dessert Survive the Climate Crisis?—w/ Caroline Saunders of The Sustainable Baker

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Climate change is already affecting our food systems. But have you ever considered how rising temperatures might impact access to the pastries you love? What if you could no longer enjoy a croissant with your coffee in the morning? Or indulge in a slice of cake on special occasions?

Caroline Saunders is the host of the Sustainable Baker podcast, coauthor of Craft Beef, former chief-of-staff at Grist and soon-to-be student in the pastry track at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Caroline joins Ross to share her interest in developing sustainable recipes and explain how her career path reflects her passions for climate and dessert.

Caroline describes her concerns around climate change and the future of dessert, discussing what spices are at risk and how we can help grains adapt to rising temperatures. Listen in for Caroline’s insight on what it looks like to bake without dairy and find out how to make your favorite desserts more sustainably!

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