Turning Biomass into "BBQ Sauce" for Carbon Removal—w/ Peter Reinhardt of Charm Industrial

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When corn is harvested, the remaining corn stover either gets tilled into the soil or left on top.

But what if we took a portion of that corn stover, converted it into carbon-rich bio-oil, and pumped it deep underground?

Peter Reinhardt is Cofounder and CEO of Charm Industrial, a carbon removal company that is working on a fleet of mobile pyrolyzers that covert ag biomass into bio-oil and sequester it underground.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Peter joins Ross, Siobhan, and Asa to walk us through the process Peter’s team uses to produce bio-oil and weigh in on why he refers to it as ‘BBQ sauce’ in his pitch for Charm.

Peter explains why Charm developed its own measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) system and explores how much bio-feedstock is available for bio-oil production in the US and around the world.

Listen in to understand the big questions around IP in carbon removal and learn how Charm is turning biomass residue into bio-oil for use in carbon removal and other industrial applications like iron and steel.

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