Supporting Early-Stage Climatetech Startups—w/ Jennifer Wagner of Breakthrough Energy

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To tackle the climate change problem, we need to move traditional industries closer to net-zero and create new industries from scratch.

But how do you build a new carbon removal industry, for example? What is the best way to nurture startups in the climatetech space?

Jennifer Wagner is a Breakthrough Energy Business Fellow where she helps early-stage climatetech startups advance the groundbreaking technologies we need to reach net-zero by 2050.

Prior to joining Breakthrough, Jennifer served as VP of Sustainability, EVP of Corporate Development, and President of CarbonCure Technologies in her 12 years with the company.

On this bonus episode of Reversing Climate Change, Jennifer joins Siobhan and Asa to walk us through the journey of a Breakthrough Energy Fellows startup and describe how the program supports its teams in scaling up.

Jennifer discusses the three teams with female founders she works with directly and explains how to work through a high volume of applicants and find the right people for your climate tech startup.

Listen in for Jennifer’s insight on securing funding for a carbon removal startup and find out how you can be part of the prestigious Breakthrough Energy Fellows program.

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