S3E61: Climate Prepping: How Should Your Family Adapt?—w/ David Pogue, author of How to Prepare for Climate Change

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Starbucks is finding new mountains to grow coffee on, agribusiness is developing drought resistant seeds, and the governments are building seawalls. So what can individuals and families do to adapt themselves?!

This week Ross is joined by David Pogue, CBS News Sunday Morning correspondent, former New York Times weekly tech columnist, and author of How to Prepare for Climate Change: A Practical Guide to Surviving the Chaos.

How do we adapt to the safety risks of major disasters? Should we embrace firearm ownership for when society breaks down? Or is a tactical flashlight a better idea? How much food and water should you have in your cellar?

Ross and David discuss the ins and outs of climate adaptation: maybe you shouldn’t be where you are… If you have a choice, there are some climate geographies much more resilient than others (hint: here comes the Rust Belt renaissance and the Midwest’s time to shine.)

The conversation delves into the psychology of adaptation: certain demographics are not yet ready to admit that the planet is radically changing, while 40% of middle schoolers are now convinced that the world will end in their lifetime. Will adaptive actions actually make us feel better about the climate future?

Tune into this episode to learn what you can be doing to adapt to climate change and to learn  which state is the most flooded (another hint: it’s not on the coast), why disease may be the most underrated climate risk out there, how the climate-concerned may invest, and how you can talk to your children about climate adaptation.

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