S3E53: Are you coming to the Global Direct Air Capture Conference?!—w/ Jason Hochman of the Direct Air Capture Coalition

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Kenya is exploding into the Direct Air Capture scene. New York City is hosting the first ever global DAC conference. And while Al Gore is deeply knowledgeable about climate change, he might be wrong about carbon removal.

In this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Jason Hochman, the co-founder and senior director of the DAC Coalition, takes us on a foray into Nairobi, Kenya, where he recently attended the first Africa Climate Summit. We learn why Kenya and the countries along the East African Rift will be critical for carbon removal.

Coming up on October 16th and 17th, Jason shares that Columbia University will play host to the first ever Global Direct Air Capture Conference. This event is designed to bring together all interested stakeholders to discuss the current and future states of DAC, and how the parties can come together to bridge the gap.

The conversation explores what is considered to be "responsible" DAC, why there is opposition to it, and why there is also bipartisan support for it.

Come for the direct air capture, stay for Jason's new nickname.We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

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