S3E52: Climate baking returns! Can we bake our way out of oblivion?—w/ Caroline Saunders, pastry chef and writer of Pale Blue Tart

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In this episode of Reversing Climate Change, we are joined once again by Caroline Saunders, a skilled pastry chef and dedicated recipe tester, who channels her passion into crafting delectable treats using climate-friendly ingredients.

Ross Kenyon and Radhika Moolgavkar enthusiastically embraced the challenge of trying Caroline’s climate-friendly baking recipes. Discover who fared better in their quest to bake the perfect key lime pie!

Discover how Caroline’s journey towards becoming a climate-conscious baker was ignited in her personal life but then involved a radical career change out of environmental media and into studying abroad at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and interning at a Michelin-starred restaurant. The ingenuity and precision of the pastry chefs she encountered inspired her to harness her culinary skills for a greater environmental cause.

Explore how Caroline is developing best practices, creating a gateway for at-home bakers into regenerative foods.

Currently, Caroline tests recipes for a cookbook author who shares her passion for climate-friendly baking. She experiments with Kernza flour, spelt flour, and non-dairy milks, sharing her innovations on her blog and social media.

Caroline encourages culinary exploration with novel elements and the generous sharing of discoveries. She underscores the importance of supporting businesses that embrace climate-friendly ingredient choices. Discover the perspectives of other bakers on seed-saving and recipes that prioritize the climate's welfare. Envision the future of global sustenance in the decades and centuries ahead.

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