S3E50: The Culture of Carbon Removal—w/ Jason Grillo, Director of Partnerships and Operations at AirMiners

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Does culture eat strategy for breakfast? What does a successful carbon removal community look like? Who ordered the veal cutlet?

Join us in this episode of Reversing Climate Change featuring Jason Grillo, Director of Partnerships and Operations at AirMiners. Discover how culture takes center stage at AirMiners, one of the major communities empowering carbon removal startups.

Explore the Kiloton Fund, the Bootup program, and Launchpad, which has already graduated 95 teams in two years. Deadline for the next cohort closes on August 11th, 2023!

How does AirMiners embrace hope amidst an often challenging and doomerist climate landscape? Tune in to explore the role of levity and humor in building a strong carbon removal community. Discover how tackling an ambitious goal, such as removing 1 billion tons by 2030, can be approached with humility and by inviting people to the table.

Like AirMiners, this episode doesn’t have all the answers, but it does have some ideas of what would go in a carbon removal museum.

If you’re interested in being part of the carbon removal industry, this episode is for you!

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