S3E49: How Could an Automated Electric Tractor Change Farming?—w/ Carlo Mondavi of Monarch

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When you’re born into a winemaking dynasty, there’s a lot of momentum to carry on the family business. But also a lot of pressure to make your own mark. Carlo Mondavi is the co-founder and Chief Farming Officer at Monarch, creators of the Monarch Tractor, an electric smart tractor that may offer a better and safer product than conventional diesel tractors. Today he joins Siobhan Montoya Lavender and Ross Kenyon to discuss.

The conversation begins with Carlo's heartfelt motivation behind creating the Monarch Tractor. Witnessing the devastating loss of biodiversity caused by conventional herbicides, Carlo was inspired to find a regenerative agriculture solution that would reduce herbicide usage while ensuring a safer, more eco-friendly farming experience. The Monarch Tractor provides a more mechanical solution than one that deeply changes the microbiota.

But sometimes it’s hard to change minds, and offering a better solution rather than finger-wagging can often be a better way to proceed. With or without subsidies, can the Monarch tractor succeed in changing one of the most common farm tools used?

Tune in to this episode to explore the efforts of Monarch Tractor to change farming and learn about their story to become the Tesla of farming.

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