S3E44: Is it time for Second-Generation Direct Air Capture? —w/ Sampo Tukiainen of C-Fix

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What does a utopian second-generation Direct Air Capture (DAC) system look like, and how does it differ from what we have now?

In this engaging episode of Reversing Climate Change, Ross and Siobhan have a very frank and honest discussion with Sampo Tukiainen, a farmer, apiarist, meditator, rifleman and the CEO of C-Fix, a second-generation #directaircapture company that wants to do it all. After a brief intro to #DAC, they discuss the energy consumption of current facilities, and how second-generation technology offers potential energy savings compared to the energy-intensive first-generation methods.

Would DAC with co-benefits be unstoppable? Probably. Sampo imagines a DAC facility that also addresses water scarcity, provides agricultural resources, and stores carbon dioxide onsite. Learn how Sampo balances his CDR career with his passion for farming, riflery, meditation and family. Hear his frank thoughts on the challenges of building a CDR company when there is conflict.

By the end of the episode, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities offered by second-generation DAC and the importance of incorporating co-benefits into the system.

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