S3E30: The Cleantech Bubble Burst. What About Climatetech?—w/ Joel Makower, Cofounder and Chairman of GreenBiz

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The first cleantech bubble burst in the oughts, but the industry didn’t go away. And now, we’ve entered a second big wave of "climatetech" investment.

So, is this wave more promising than the first? Are we moving into a golden age for climatetech? Or is it too dissimilar to make comparisons?

Joel Makower is Cofounder and Chairman of GreenBiz, a leading media and events company at the intersection of business, sustainability, and innovation. He also serves as cohost of the GreenBiz 350 Podcast.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Joel joins Ross to discuss how climatetech may have followed the Gartner Hype Cycle and describe what factors caused the first cleantech bubble to burst.

Joel explains why corporations are much more involved in Cleantech 2.0 and explores the ongoing politicization of climate change, despite the efforts of some (like the military) to prepare for a climate crisis.

Listen in for Joel’s insight on the near future of climatetech and learn about the extraordinary opportunity he believes we have to reinvent our world in a way that will benefit everyone.

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