S3E29: Funding for Crypto-Enabled Climate Solutions—w/ Ben West, Head of Causes at Gitcoin

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As the number of blockchain-enabled climate solutions multiplies, founders need funding to get their projects off the ground.

Ben West is Head of Causes at Gitcoin, a company that helps early-stage crypto projects get funding. In his role, Ben supports Gitcoin’s climate solutions, DE&I, decentralized science, and advocacy rounds.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Ben joins Ross and cohosts Alexsandra Guerra, Head of Demand, and Daren McKelvey, Head of Crypto Partnerships at Nori, to discuss the process grantees go through to win funding from Gitcoin.

Ben explains how his background in climate activism informs his work at Gitcoin and shares what he learned from researching blockchain-enabled climate solutions for the Ethereum Foundation.

Listen in for Ben’s insight on the growth of the overlap between climate and crypto and learn how your project can apply for Gitcoin’s next climate round.

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