S3E26: Why Is Moving Grain Easier than Moving Money?—w/ Dane Braun, VP of Product at Bushel

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The easier it is to participate in a sustainability program like Nori, the less motivation it requires for farmers to enroll.

But the current lack of digitization in the ag space makes it challenging for farmers to get paid for carbon removal.

So, is there an easy way to track agricultural data and compensate farmers for regenerative practices?

Dane Braun is Vice President of Product at Bushel, an ag software company that is digitizing the infrastructure for grain.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Dane joins Ross and Nori team members Laura Satkowski and Jada Dormaier, to explain how our partnership with Bushel makes it easy for farmers to practice carbon removal.

Dane shares Bushel’s efforts to standardize and connect the many digital applications available to farmers and describes how growers might use data to make decisions around implementing regenerative practices.

Listen in to understand the parallels between how grain is priced as a commodity and the NORI token and learn how farmers might be able to benefit from being part of the Nori-Bushel partnership.

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