S3E22: Keep Cool and Cover Climatetech—w/ Nick Van Osdol of the Keep Cool newsletter

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For climate startups to find customers, attract talent, and secure funding, they need to communicate their value effectively.

But how do you deliver content that explains complex ideas in an accessible way? How do you synthesize information to appeal to a variety of audiences?

Nick Van Osdol is a writer on the Nori team, the creator of the Keep Cool newsletter, and host of The Keep Cool Show, a podcast that gives promising climate tech startups an opportunity to pitch investors.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Nick joins Ross to explain why communications is an undervalued sector within the climate space and discuss his work on the forthcoming updated version of the Nori white paper.

Nick shares his interest in how the Inflation Reduction Act’s $370B for climate action will be deployed and describes the challenge of scaling supply to accommodate Advanced Market Commitments to buy carbon credits.

Listen in for Nick’s take on pragmatism versus idealism in the climate space and learn how a talented content creator thinks about the geopolitical implications of scaling renewable energy.

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