S3E20: Advancing Direct Air Capture, One Meme at a Time—w/ Jason Hochman of the DAC Coalition

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The direct air capture industry is attempting to recreate the oil and gas sector in reverse—at a highly accelerated rate.

And those of us in the space have a tremendous opportunity to build something truly impactful.

But how do we educate the general public around the carbon removal technologies at our disposal? Can a well-crafted meme help people understand the benefits of direct air capture?

Jason Hochman is Cofounder and Senior Director of the recently launched Direct Air Capture Coalition, a global nonprofit working to educate, engage, and mobilize society around the deployment of DAC technology at the pace and scale the climate crisis requires. He also happens to be an accomplished mememaker in the carbon removal space.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Jason joins Ross and cohost Siobhan Montoya Lavender to do a live meme workshop, sharing his approach to writing DAC-themed memes for popular Simpsons and Sith Kermit templates.

Jason discusses the early growth of the Direct Air Capture Coalition, describing how it seeks to serve as an educational resource and platform for collaboration among its 44 member organizations.

Listen in to understand the biggest problems facing the mass adoption of direct air capture and learn how Jason is addressing pushback on DAC with resources like the DAC Report Library as well as his CDR 101 meme thread.

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